Little Nightmares

Play with your youth fears! Inundate yourself in Little Nightmares, a dull offbeat story that will stand up to you with your adolescence fears as you help Six escape The Maw – an immense, secretive vessel possessed by ruined souls searching for their next feast!

Leave ON A GRIM ADVENTURE: Confront your youth fears in this obscurely capricious story, set in an immersive universe of extraordinary sensibility, intelligent narrating and exceptional sound plan. Find the foul insider facts of The Maw and survive the considerations of its immense occupants as you offered to help Six escape to the world outside

VISIT THE MOST INTRIGUING DOLLHOUSE: Explore an irritatingly beguiling dollhouse, a place that is both jail and play area. Look into Six’s reality, part dream, part bad dream, where each progression feels like a jump, and each shadow an immense dimness! Begin from the base of The Hull and search for a path to The Above.

Revive YOUR CHILDLIKE JOYS: Each room is a cell, every inhabitant a danger, and both are riddles to unravel. Reconnect with your internal identity, unleash your creative ability, and remain out of mischief’s way. Ace Six’s each development in a super-sized world where even the littlest uncertainty can prompt a lethal stumble.

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