Resonance of Fate

Ravishing CINEMATICS. Bursting GUN BATTLES. RPG HAS BEEN REDEFINED. Reverberation of Fate is produced by the proclaimed RPG engineers, tri-Ace, who have taken part in building up some of gaming’s most observed RPG establishments from Star Ocean to Valkyrie Profile. SEGA and tri-Ace now present Resonance of Fate, which adds a different take to the class with an artistic activity gameplay framework revolved around gunplay and a steampunk-styled world.

Experienced RPG advancement group is tri-Ace is behind this completely new vision of destiny inside a steampunk world.

Face adversaries in incredible, artistic firearm fights with a battling framework that mixes ongoing and turn-based gameplay.

Worked around the tremendous machine city, the story digs profound into destiny and the hardware that controls it.

Magnificently made conditions outline the profound woven artwork of this tragic world.

Tweaking your characters and weapons changes your playing knowledge outwardly and inside the gameplay.

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