Valhalla Hills

You spent your entire life in support of the divine forces of Asgard. You kicked the bucket a fair passing. You earned your place in the lobbies of Valhalla. Be that as it may, when you thumped on its doors to get your last reward, none replied. Odin has played Judas on your kin. He thinks little of the Viking soul. He thinks little of you. Pressure them to disclose more than what would have been prudent as you lead your kin past the threats tending to Valhalla Hills and battle to demonstrate your respect, your quality, your value. Take care of your Vikings, gathering sustenance, hacking wood, and acing the intricate financial aspects of wild survival. Achieve the entry at the highest point of every mountain, and yell your call to war sufficiently uproarious for the divine beings to listen. On the off chance that they won’t give your kin the reward all of you merit, at that point by your hatchet, you will take it from them.

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